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Toner and drum reset information, along with technical knowledge and information gathered through many years of servicing printers and other office machines.

Our purpose is to help our customers get better productivity from their office machines with less frustration.

We’ve divided our posts into categories:

General Information: Topics that are general in nature.

Printer Tips and Tricks: Printer tips and tricks e.g. how to reset various toner/drum/fuser messages, how to extend the life of your toner cartridges, how to clean your printer etc.

Printer Faults: Printer faults and errors e.g. copy quality issues or error messages.

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7 thoughts on “Easyink Knowledge Base

  1. Diane Beggs says:

    I have a Brother MFC-L5850DW laser printer. I can’t find ANYWHERE online how to manually reset the toner “switch.” Nothing I’ve tried works. I tried pressing the fax button to find the star and pound key, but it doesn’t work to on this printer, to press it after it gets dark (not even for over 5 seconds). HELP!

      1. Michelle says:

        Just want to say I searched for days trying to find help with this same problem for my printer and kept getting other models. I even called Brother and they told me had to but a new toner to reset than even using another toner/drum combo from another printer of the same model wouldn’t work. I did this and all good! Thank you SO much for the info. Oh I had to hold the # sign for more than 2 seconds.

  2. J Star says:

    I want to use compatibles for my brother printers. In the past we get paper jamming a lot and had ended up throwng out the old printers. Does this happen due to compatible drums and cartridges. Your guidance would be great. I would love to save money using compatibles.

    1. Easyink Support says:

      Hi J Star

      It is possible that the drum could/ can cause jamming if there is a fault with the drum. We have found with our range of drums this issue to be very very rare (we would replace that under warranty).
      There are also many other things that could cause jamming as well (fuser, feed rollers, registration). Dusty environments commonly cause issues with feed rollers.

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