Does Easyink collect empty printer cartridges?

Back in the nineties we had our own printer cartridge remanufacturing operation and were always on the lookout for good quality empties.

Times have changed and its now more cost effective to supply imported compatible cartridges. Prices for our customers have fallen substantially as a result and we now have no use for empties.

For OEM cartridges we suggest Croxley Recycling who can send a prepaid courier satchel or box. Please note that for non-OEM products there is likely to be a freight charge.

Warehouse Stationary usually have printer cartridge collection boxes near their checkout, so that can be an environmentally friendly option as well.

Is it possible to arrange that an order is left at the door if no one is home at the time of delivery?

It’s easy to miss a courier. They might come early in the morning before you’re out of bed. You might be in the bathroom or shower and the courier is gone before you get to the door.

Here’s how to avoid the inconvenience of having to collect the parcel from the courier depot…

When you get to step 4 of our online checkout, make sure you leave a message for the courier. When you do that two things happen:

  1. We’ll send the parcel with a “non signature” label.
  2. Your courier message will appear on the parcel address and the courier will usually follow your instructions.

My Brother ink cartridge doesn’t go all the way in!

There’s often a resistance for the last few millimetres as the pin on the printer pierces the seal at the front of the cartridge. Provided you have the correct cartridge in the slot and it’s not upside down, it’s safe to apply firm pressure for that last little bit.

My Brother toner cartridge is too small!

Most Brother laser printers has a two-part consumable. The toner cartridge lifts out of the drum cartridge.

Recycling old used ink and toner cartridges.

Sometimes we’re asked about collection systems within New Zealand for unwanted e-waste. We’ll provide links below for some that we know about.

TechCollect provide a disposal service free of charge to households and small businesses. You can recycle your end of life and unwanted computers, computer accessories, cameras and printers:

TechCollect New Zealand

Various OEM suppliers have set up recycling systems for the return of original cartridges :

Hewlett Packard Supplies Recycling

Hewlett Packard Hardware Recycling

Brother Printer and Cartridge Recycling

Canon Printer Cartridges

Changes happen often. We would appreciate any feedback you can give us around what works and what doesn’t. That will help us to keep this page updated.


What does ‘compatible’ mean?

A ‘compatible’ printer cartridge is one that is not manufactured by the manufacturer of your printer.