Brother DR-150CL Void Lines and Streaking – Charge cleaning

If you are getting void lines and streaking through the print outs on a printer using the DR150CL drum unit you may wish to try this as an easy 5 minute fix.

This article applies to Brother DCP-9040CN, HL-4040CN, HL-4050CDN, MFC-9440CN, MFC-9450CDN, MFC-9840CDW series printers.

The DR-150CL drum unit has a built-in charge wire cleaner. To clean the charge wire please follow this guide:

  1. Open the printer front door.
  2. Pull the drum unit all the way out.
  3. Remove all of the toner units.
  4. Find the charge unit covers (see Fig.1) and flip them back (2 clips per cover).
  5. On the left hand side of each charge unit you will find a green slider (see Fig.2).
  6. Move that slider from one side of the drum to the other 2 or 3 times per unit. (Note: in some cases I have found an insect stuck in the charge housing, these should be removed).
  7. Make sure the green sliders are returned all the way to the left.
  8. Close charge unit covers.
  9. Re-fit the toner cartridges.
  10. Push the drum unit all the way back in to the printer.
  11. Close the front door and test printing.









If cleaning doesn’t fix your problem on your DCP9040CN, HL4040CN, HL4050CDN, MFC9440CN, MFC9450CDN or MFC9840CDW you may have a worn drum unit, empty toners or faulty toners.

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