Epson ‘cartridge not recognised’ message is displayed

If you get a “cartridge not┬árecognized” message with your Epson printer, try this:

1. Remove all cartridges from the printer, then turn the printer off.

2. Physically unplug the power supply from the printer

3. Leave it unplugged for about 20 seconds to allow internal charges to subside.

4. Plug in the printer again and switch it back on.

5. Refit the ink cartridges. Some machines will ask for each colour, in which case its best to insert the cartridges one at a time as the machine requests them.

Usually this should correct the problem. If not, try again. It may take several attempts but once the cartridges are accepted then you should have no further problems.

If the message “cartridge not recognized” or the red cross is still displayed on your computer, then the cartridge it refers to will need to be changed.


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