Brother HL-L2365DW Toner Counter Reset – TN2345

Cartridge recognition issues sometimes occur with compatible or genuine Brother toner cartridges. When you install a Brother TN2345 cartridge in your HLL2300D HLL2340DW or HLL2365DW and the toner counter doesn’t reset, you may wish to try the following procedure.

  1.  Open the front cover and leave open while completing the following steps.
  2. Turn the printer off.
  3. Hold the ‘go’  button while turning the printer on.
  4. After 3 seconds release the ‘go’ button.
  5. (USER MODE) will appear.
  6. Press the ‘go’  button NINE times.
  7. The Wifi led will flash once.
  8. Press the ‘go’ button 5 times.
  9. Close the cover. Your toner is now reset

Press OK 3 times to print a status page and this will show that the toner has reset back to 100%

Note: This procedure has been tested on the HL-L2365DW printer but may work on other printers using the TN2345 toner (HL-L2300D HL-L2340DW HL-L2365DW).

Please note the reset procedure for the multifunction printers that take the TN2345 or TN2315 differs from this one and can be found here:

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56 thoughts on “Brother HL-L2365DW Toner Counter Reset – TN2345

  1. Steve says:

    Great fix, brilliant! I received a Replace Toner message and the HL-L2365DW would not print despite its new toner cartridge. The Brother manual was no help, and the instructions on did not work either. Much exasperation and annoyance until I found this posting. I suspect I’m not the only person who has experienced this problem. Many thanks!

    1. Easyink Support says:

      If they did that people might work out you can also use this reset to use the toner left in the cartridge after is comes up empty. Shhhh – don’t tell anyone :).

    1. AA says:

      Brother are probably cursing under their breath. If they wanted to make it easy, they would make sure the toner cartridge really was empty or provide an easy reset option on the normal menu.

      1. Easyink Support says:

        An easy option would be great. The reason for the printer coming up empty early is so that the quality of printing doesn’t drop near toner end (as the toner levels tend to be calculated levels and can be out by a margin).

    1. Easyink Support says:

      For the HLL2380DW there is a continue mode in settings (press ‘X’ then Settings – then “All Settings” – then “General Setup” – Then scroll down to “Replace Toner” and change it to continue).

  2. Sasha Alyson says:

    This (the 9-step process at the top of the page) worked for our Brother HL-L2360DN printer, too. Thank you! (And no thanks at all to Brother, 2 of us wasted 90 minutes on this problem. Their site was no help.)

  3. Martin Liddle says:

    Worked well for a Borther HL-L2360DN with the minor change that the Network LED flashed rather than WiFi. Thank you for making this information public; I really appreciate it. You could update the note on models that work to include the HL-L2360DN.

  4. Susan says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was just about to go buy a new printer. Have had it for less than a year. I have been all over the brother fixes and they really give you nothing except replace the printer cartridge, then call us! I refill my cartridges with a top grade toner. The company I use locally supplies the replacement cogs as well and everything works well. 13,000 copies for $35. I do this in a year in my profession. I have a L2340DW and this fix is fantastic. Again thank you. I am back in business. Shouldn’t be so reliant on a printer!!!!! If the toner cartridge was not so expensive then I wouldn’t refill. Brother should give you the choice of buying a too quality machine, refillable cartridges to stop waste and sell the toner. Life is about consumerism.

  5. Bev says:

    This TOTALLY WORKED!! I have the HL 2360D model and I’ve been using aftermarket toners that are really good. Finally after a year the replace toner message came on even though I just replaced the toner a week before. THANKYOU!!!!! :)))))

  6. Marie says:

    Fantastic !! Thank u very much. Saved me few quid I thought I would need to buy new toner but tried this and it worked … thank you again

    Brother HL-L2600D

  7. Ron Jeremy says:

    Your tutorial is great. I wish everyone was as smart as you. The world would be a better place. Easylink Support and Elon Musk – 2020! I can see it now. Thank you again. You are a good person.

  8. Tom says:

    Out of frustration and desperation I tried this procedure on a Brother HL-L2305W after getting toner out AFTER replacing with new cartridge…Worked perfectly!

      1. Selina says:

        Perhaps the answer to the question above is the same for HL-L2375DW? The above fix does not seem to work for that model although I know I have plenty of toner left in the cartridge… Any clues would be appreciated! Otherwise I’ll be taking the printer back… Thanks

        1. Easyink Support says:

          Hi Selina Sorry no information for that model (not even a basic continue mode). You could try calling the Brother support and demanding the reset as they have been known to give them out before.

          1. RachelAK says:

            I found this on the Brother website and it worked for my L2375DW:
            To enable or disable Continue Mode, follow the steps below:

            1. Press the Up or Down arrow key to choose General Setup, and then press OK.
            2. Press the Up or Down arrow key to choose Replace Toner, and then press OK.
            3. Press the Up or Down arrow key to choose Continue or Stop.
            4. Press Go.

  9. Fouad Aslam says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. This was amazing. The “replace toner” message is now gone and the printer is working great again. Saved my marriage as the wife needed to print really imp docs and the printer wont comply!

  10. Dirk Wilker says:

    needed a printer for the lab and my company has spending freeze–found a Brother HL-2340DW in the recycle bin because it only would display the replace toner message. Tried your routine and now it works fine! thanks a lot

  11. Manny says:

    Thanks! You saved me much time! This is the first time I’ve own a Brother toner printer, and having to reset the printer to accept a competitor’s toner cartridge was not the same as most of the other ink jet printer brands that I’ve worked with before. I actually liked that despite this Brother toner printer accepting a competitor cartridge that it does not display an error message, or some other message that most other printer brands annoyingly display once you’ve replaced their ink cartridges with generic brands. I hate it when they have close architectures, or rigid designs that don’t allow replacements from other sources. Thanks again for the advice, you were a great help!

    1. Easyink Support says:

      Not sure on the exact process – there is normally a counter gauge in one of the status reports from memory. Also there should be a gauge on the printers web interface if you are using a network connection.

  12. Kathryn says:

    Thank you so much from me too. I have spent hours trying to fix this and your advice was the only one that worked. Much appreciated as these things always happen when you are already under pressure. Warmly Kathryn

  13. Anna T says:

    Thank you for this! I bought generic toner for my HL-L2365DW because it was much cheaper than home brand. Replaced it properly, but the ‘Replace Toner’ notif remained. Scoured for solutions on how to fix it, which mainly consisted of “Only by the home brand toner” and not much else.

    Lo, found your wee hack. It took a couple of tries, but finally got it right, and we’re good to go. Thanks again!

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