HP Laserjet 1320D Feed/Jamming Problems

A common problem with high volume printers it the consumable components wearing out.

On the HP LJ 1320 these include the drum/toner, feed rollers and fuser assembly.

The end user can usually identify these problems by visual inspection. Below are some pictures showing wear on the feed rollers and the fuser assembly.

Fuser Assembly Wear

This photo shows the fuser removed from the printer. You can see the sleeve with the fuser still in the printer by viewing it from the rear door.

The wear on this fuser can be seen as an orange colour where the nonstick coating has been worn down to the sleeve material.

Another problem to affect HP fusers is the sleeve tearing. This will cause jamming, copy quality problems and usually little bits of sleeve being ejected with the prints.







Feed Roller Wear

The feed roller shown below is worn and can be identified by the smooth leading edge (circled).

Note: As a stop gap measure you can remove the rubber from the hub and rotate it so a non-worn lead edge is used. However you do have to remove the feed roller from the printer to do this.


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