HP Laserjet 2200 Smudging Down Side Of Page

If  your Hewlett Packard Laserjet printer is printing a black smudge down one side you may have a problem with your printer’s fuser unit. Another common fuser fault is known as “ghosting” which is re-printing of faded print further down the page from where it should be.

This fault is common to almost all mono HP and Canon laser printers and can be easily diagnosed by an inspection of the fuser.












Looking from the back into the printer, with the rear door open you will see the fuser unit. All you need to do is inspect the fuser sleeve (normally grey or black) for any sign of wear (this normally shows as orange – as you can see in the above picture – which is the colour of the sleeve underneath the surface coating).

Note: a torch or good lighting is required.







For a replacement fuser assembly, contact us at Easyink.


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