What option to use to connect my printer?

Frist off there are 3 main ways to connect a printer (not all printers will have all 3).

  1. USB (universal serial bus).
  2. Network cable
  3. Wireless Network

The usb option is good for when only one PC will be connected to a printer at one time (most printers have this option).

The network option is great for environment’s where many PC’s will be connected (most higher end printers have this option).

The wireless network option is good for environment’s where many PC’s will be connected and the printer is unable to be hard wired (becoming more common for printers to have this option).


There are both for and against cases for the different options

For: Easy to setup – Reliable – Common – Fast
Against: Not good for more than one user – Can only print when connected

For: Reliable – Common(ish) – Fast – Great for one or more users – Can be used by all devices on the network including wirelessly connected notebooks ect
Against: Harder to setup

Wireless Network
For: Becoming common – Great for one or more users – Printer doesn’t have to be placed close to other hardware (PC’s or Routers) – Can be used by all devices on the network
Against: Harder to setup – Can be unreliable on some networks – Can be slow on some networks

My recommendation is to use the Network option where there is more than one user – except for where the printer unable to be connected by cable

I have had people tell me that they used the Wireless option because they want to use it with there notebook wirelessly. At this point I have had to explain that the network option would still let them do that – Notebook connects wirelessly to the access point/router which is hard wired to the printer.

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