Brother DCP7065DN Toner Reset

If you have replaced the toner in your Brother DCP7065DN, and the “Toner Life End” or “Replace Toner” message hasn’t automatically reset, you may wish to follow the following procedure to reset it manually:

  1. Open the front door and remove the drum and toner (cover to avoid light damage). Confirm that the
    display shows cover open.
  2. Press the clear key and confirm that the display  shows replace drum.
  3. Press the start key and confirm that the display is clear.
  4. Press the down arrow key, then quickly press the up arrow key and
    confirm the display shows 00.
  5. Press the OK key and confirm that the display shows accepted, followed
    by a cover open message.
  6. Install the drum and toner assembly, close the front door, and the
    display should show “please wait”. When the printer has warmed up the
    error message should be gone and you should see the standard display.

This procedure has been tested on the DCP-7065DN but may also work on other DCP models that take the TN2230 /  TN2250 / TN450 toner.

Users have confirmed that the procedure works on: HL-2280DW, DCP-7040, DCP-7055 / HL2280DW, DCP7040, DCP7055

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86 thoughts on “Brother DCP7065DN Toner Reset

  1. Heisenberg says:

    I’ve tested this on Brother 7040 and 7055, and it worked on both these, but for some reason it doesn’t work on brother 7065. Is there any other procedure?

    1. Easyink Support says:

      Hi – The only other way I know about is to refit the reset gear however I don’t yet have a guide on how to do this. There are a few on YouTube but the procedure does require a number 2 screw driver and some basic tech skills. I will create a article on how to do it as soon as I get time.

      I have tested this on the DCP7065 and it does work. The only note it to make sure you open the front TONER DOOR first.

      1. Katie says:

        Without you, I would be insane.
        I couldn’t get it to work but had not removed the drum & toner. When I READ the instructions and did that, it worked & reset – just like Magic! Many, many thanks!

      2. Ev Bishop says:

        SO helpful! Totally fixed my issue (which is a huge relief because I just bought the toner cartridge that prints 12000 plus sheets). 🙂 Thanks!

    2. Chas says:

      Just spent hours trying to get the new toner to work…Came across this remedy for a Brother DCP-7040…Hallelujah it worked !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kerry says:

    It worked on my DCP-7065DN, but you have to do the key sequence fairly quickly or it defaults back to the “COVER IS OPEN…” message. When you press START the screen should clear. When you press the down arrow an ‘E0′ should appear, which will change to ’00’ when you press the up arrow, and when you press OK it should say ‘ACCEPTED’.

  3. jj says:

    Excellent advice. I bought a generic toner and got the message “replace toner ” after about 10 printed pages….
    Bit the bullet and bought a Brother original toner and still got this message….
    Your fix worked!!!! Thanks

    Why on earth doesn’t Brother put this on their web site? I bought their overpriced toner!!!!!

    1. Alison VOWLES says:

      Worked for me too on my Brother DCP 7070DW. Thank you very much. Hopefully I can now use up all the bits of toner left in the cartridges instead of installing a new one each time.

  4. Martin F. Slater says:

    Worked great on an old cartridge (TN-2010) in a DCP-7055 – is this an alternative to the gear-resetting procedure when refilling a used cartridge ?

  5. BK Sunby says:

    Thank you! I am trying to extend the life of the toner that came with my printer and this did the trick. It worked for my DCP-7065DN. Kerry’s post above was especially helpful so I will repeat it here: You have to do the key sequence fairly quickly or it defaults back to the “COVER IS OPEN…” message. When you press START the screen should clear. When you press the down arrow an ‘E0′ should appear, which will change to ’00′ when you press the up arrow, and when you press OK it should say ‘ACCEPTED’.


  6. Sayeed Omer says:

    Respected sir,
    I have replaced & reset done as you have given the trick & it has been worked as a rocket means in second, thankfull to you MILLION MILLION times, go on supporting us in the way.

    Sayeed Omer

  7. Vicky Butler says:

    Wow, super easy to fix! I have the DCP-7065DN and had just installed the new toner but the need toner message was on. I thought I had bought a bad toner. Anyway, all is good.

  8. alex says:

    This worked on my HL-2280DW brother laser printer. Thank you that message was driving me crazy since I knew there was still lots of toner left.

  9. jack says:

    Many many thanks, this was truly a nightmare. Like one of the previous comments noted, you have to press them buttons in sequence very quickly. One more thing though, I found that I had to do it immediately after powering up or you would not get to interrupt the setup.

  10. Jimbo says:

    Works perfectly. Users had replaced the toner and the new one was successfully installed but they were still getting replace toner error. This procedure worked a treat but it took a couple of times to get it done – you have to be quick as previous people have said. Brother DCP7065DN. Thanks very much – no more replace toner error and is printing fine.

  11. Sheila Sykes says:

    So happy you posted this. I was feeling distraught considering I just bought a new toner cartridge. Thank you for posting the instructions.

  12. chhote lal says:

    My printer model is Brother DCP 7065 DN. This printer in not printing good quality now. Plz help me , how to create it in good position?
    Plz Plz Plz

    1. Easyink Support says:

      With that series of printers you have 4 items that cause copy quality issues the laser, the drum unit, the toner and the fuser. Without seeing a test page it is hard to say what fault might be.

      If it occurred just after changing the toner I would expect the toner to be at fault. If you still have the old toner – try putting it back in the printer and do a test page to see what that looks like.

    1. Easyink Support says:

      Hi Preyash

      You have to do the steps quickly or else the whole procedure will fail. Also make sure the toner door is open. Good Luck

    1. Easyink Support says:

      Hi Tawiey

      Firstly double check the power socket the printer is using with a lamp or other appliance.
      Check all covers/doors on the printer are closed.
      Make sure the power lead is pushed in firmly and if possible test with a different lead.
      Press all the keys on the keyboard once or twice (a stuck down key can cause all sorts of problems).

      If that doesn’t work for you your printer may have a electrical fault in which case it may not be worth fixing.

  13. Charlotte says:

    Tried it and it didn’t work the first time. After I unplugged the printer for a few seconds and turned it back on, followed the procedure then it worked! Thanks!

  14. herb sylwester says:

    I have serviced copies and printers since 1965 (50 years) TThis isone problem I have never been able to fix.. I only have 3 7065′” in the field. I had this problem twice. I just started pressing buttons and it worked /??????
    your system is MUCH BETTER. Thanks

  15. Ty-guy says:

    Had the printer for years, replaced a few cartridges in it’s time, and NEVER had an issue,… until today.

    Replaced cartridge (with independent refill brand as I always do- Cartridge World)

    Still got the Replace Toner message… GRRRRR

    Tired the sequence multiple times…faster and faster…

    Followed all instructions, got the appropriate messages… 00, Accepted, etc.

    The Replace Toner message would still pop up.

    I tried unplugging the unit…running through the steps again… just to get the same result…

    (My printer lives in a dirty work environment, (body shop) so I then took an air blower to the inside of the machine. I removed a lot of dust, but must have also upset a sensor, or some component.

    A new Error message popped up that said to turn the Machine off and leave it for 15 mins. – OH GREAT!~

    I did so, and once I turned the machine back on it said it was running self diagnostics and that it would restart automatically within 15 mins.

    Skeptically I waited, and in just under 15 minutes, it did what it had promised. It started up, and now is back to it’s old self. Scanning, printing, and copying dozens of pages a day.

    Yippee!~ thanks a bunch

    (So also try blowing it out, and unplugging the rig for a while… take a break… when you’re searching forums for printer tech help… you need to take a breather)

    If that doesn’t work I also suggest yelling, and/or shaking your fist at it.

    Ty-Guy, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

  16. Ellie says:

    Good evening,

    I was wondering if there were any more instructions because I’ve tried this. An nothing I’ve added a new toner and a new drum.

  17. Anna says:

    Worked like magic on my DCP-7010! You’re a life (and printer) saver! I bought a new toner and kept getting the ‘Toner End Life Message’. Tried everything, even the resetting the toner cartridge and getting a genuine Brother cartridge to no avail. Then I found this article and it literally saved me from buying a new printer.
    For my DCP-7010 I followed your instructions exactly, the only comments I’d add are that on DCP-7010 the clear key is the Options key and the OK key is the Set key. Thank you again!!

  18. George Mbugua says:

    DCP7055 – i was doing the steps without removing the drum and couldn’t succeed but on reading your instructions i did it and it worked like a miracle. thanks for the timely help as almost went insane.

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