Brother Mono Laser Light Printing Problem

If you have a Brother mono (black only) printer that is printing light it may be you have a build up of dust on the laser glass.

The fix for this problem is easy and only requires a lint free cloth.

1.  Turn off the printer power switch and unplug the printer from the power outlet.

2.  Open the front cover of the printer.

3.  Remove the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly (cover the drum or store in a dark place to avoid light damage).

4.  Wipe the scanner window (left to right) with a dry, lint-free cloth.

5.  Put the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly back in the printer.

6.  Close the front cover.

7.  Plug the printer back in and turn on the printer power switch.

HL2040 laser glass clean

For your mono laser printer eg: HL2040, HL2070N, HL2240D, HL2250DN, HL2270DW you should use the above picture as a guide for cleaning.



If you have a multi function mono laser printer eg: MFC7420, MFC7820N, DCP7010, MFC7240, MFC7860DW, DCP7065DN you should use the above picture as a guide for cleaning


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