Brother HL2250DN Laser Printer Repeating Smudge Print Fix

The following problem is one I have come across a couple of times on the Brother HL2250dn printers.

The fault is a ghosted image with a distance between the repeats of 54mm.


The easy answer was to change the toner and drum unit, however this did nothing to fix the fault. Further testing discovered that the windows test page printed fine, while documents from word and notepad seemed to repeat images down the page.

The fact the windows test page printed fine led me to believe that the fault may lie with the printer driver settings.

The following screen shots are the settings used to “Fix” this problem.


First select: Printer Preferences from the printers and faxes section of control panel, then click the advanced tab and click Other Print Options


That will bring up the other print options window. Select Improve Print Output then click/select both Improve Toner Fixing and Reduce Ghosting.

This fixed the problem this user was having with his HL-2250DN (note: a computer restart was needed for some programs to update).

I believe this article would apply to any of the smaller brother mono printers taking the TN2150 TN2130 TN2250 and TN2230 toners.

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