Brother MFC7360N MFC7860DW Toner Counter Reset

If your Tn2250 or TN2230 doesn’t automatically reset the toner counter on your Brother MFC-7360N or MFC-7860DW printer you may wish to try the following procedure:
  1. Open the front panel of your Brother MFC-7360N or MFC-7860DW Multifunction printer.
  2. Press the Clear/Back button. A display message will then show “REPLACE DRUM? 1. Yes 2. No”.
  3. Do not type 1 or 2, this is not the command you should enter. Instead type *00 on the keypad and you should be rewarded with the word “accepted”.
  4. Close the front door. The toner counter is then reset.

This has been tested on the MFC7360N and MFC7860DW but should also work on any other MFC multifunction printers that use the TN2250 cartridge.

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19 thoughts on “Brother MFC7360N MFC7860DW Toner Counter Reset

  1. Mauidude says:

    If this doesn’t work, you need to remove the toner cartridge and look on the left side of the cartridge. There will be a small white or black tab that is rotated all the way to the right. Rotate it all the way to the left. If it won’t move, you will need to remove the end of the cartridge by removing the 3 small phillips head screws. Once that is done, remove the white gear by pinching the tab and pulling the gear off. Now rotate the tab to the left. Put the cartridge back together. Go through the reset procedure again. This should work.

    1. Allen says:

      I tried to reset the drum the way it described – “clear, *00,accept”, but still I get the same msg “TONER LIFE END”!


      1. Easyink Support says:

        Hi Allen

        This does work on the MFC-7360N, it should also work on the others in that series. I have used this guide a few times.
        NOTE: make sure the Front Door (the one to access the toner) is OPEN

    2. Roger says:

      For me it worked ONLY after entering option 1 (do want to replace drum) and reinserted the old drum! The drum life kept reading 0 % and could not use printer and had the dreaded “Replace Drum” notice until I did that.

    3. Peter says:

      “*00” method didn’t work with my MFC-7840W and original Brother cartridge. I had to use your method, which worked perfectly. BTW, once I put the cartridge together, I didn’t have to do the “*00” procedure again. “Replace toner” message was gone after I re-inserted the cartridge. Thank you!!!

  2. Alex says:

    This procedure worked perfectly for my Brother MFC-7460DN. I had changed the toner and drum with others from the office including a BRAND NEW one we purchased last week and nothing helped. With this procedure the original toner and drum are printing perfectly. Thank you

  3. neil says:

    new toner cartridge just installed but toner level low in web interface and mac system preferences
    tried these instructions – no change
    does anyone have another suggestion?

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