Brother MFC-9320CW Toner Counter Reset – TN240

To reset the tn240 toner counter on a Brother MFC-9320CW or MFC-9120CN colour printer try the following steps:

  1. With power on, open the front toner door (you will get a “door open” message on the display.)
  2. Press “Clear/Back” button. That will bring up the “Toner Reset Menu” (TNR = toner).
  3. Using the Up and Down keys, you can then scroll through reset options for each of the printer’s toner cartridges!
    Code: B. = black; C. = cyan; M. = magenta and Y. = yellow (for some models K. = black).
  4. For each for these cartridges is the option to reset for Low Yield = S (some models STR – the starter cartridge that came with your printer) or High Yield = H (some models STD – the standard replacement cartridge).
  5. Using the number keypad, select option #1 (to reset each to the size you have installed).
  6. Hit the “Clear/Back” button to get out of the menu, close the door and the problem is solved.

These steps have been tested on a MFC9320CW  and MFC9120CN, but should also work on MFC9125CN and MFC9325CW series printers.

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18 thoughts on “Brother MFC-9320CW Toner Counter Reset – TN240

  1. Printer Engineer says:

    It’s unbelievable that on a supposedly smart printer we see it count down the colour cartridges even when only printing in black (and with the printer settings on the computer set to B&W/greyscale). To prove the point to my boss that we were replacing colour cartridges unnecessarily we weighed the cartridges and wrote on them their weight and when they were inserted… then weighed them when the user called us to replace them. barely 6 grams difference in a month and the printer was saying it was empty! – simply because the user had printed about 3000 black and white invoices (using that B&W/greyscale setting). Shame on Brother for ripping people off like that – making them buy new cartridges when the old ones were not even used yet

  2. Greg Hicks says:

    This worked great! I have been replacing toners while printer is still printing good. I was printing twenty-five 100 page booklets and liked one page getting done when the black toner out message came up and it quit printing immediately. I just replaced all the toners the week before, but replaced the black again. Still could not get the toner out to go away. Found this post, reset the counter, put the old toner cartridge back in and prints great! Thank you so much for such a useful post!

    1. Easyink Support says:

      It is worth mentioning that all manufactures don’t let you use all the toner in a cartridge by default and at least with the brother there is a workaround (I cant say I have come across the problem of colour toners coming up empty when only mono printing is used) however if you are doing lots of mono and almost no colour I would recommend you get a mono printer. Printing a mono page on a colour printer is still wearing out the colour drum units and all the other components that mono printer doesn’t have (transfer belt, waste box).

      Some HP printers have a continue mode which is nice.

      Brothers printers are quite good value for money (not top of the line for sure BUT great bang for buck).

  3. Deanna Wall says:

    Thank YOU Thank YOU Thank YOU!!!!! I have LOVED this printers and kept getting a error message saying the Yellow Cartridge was out! I had just bought one and then lived with this thinking I bought a bad toner cartridge! I couldn’t print and it was frustrating. Finally after about a month I googled: Brother MFC-9320 CW troubleshooting don’t need new printer cartridge and this article came up FIRST! I didn’t know there was a menu accessible when the door was open. I used the menu and rest my Yellow Toner to STD and wham it works! Thank you for making this accessible to figure out a fantastic machine that just had a bugaboo!

      1. Easyink Support says:

        Hi Valerie

        That one should work if your model is MFC-9320CW or MFC-9120CN.
        Other models may/do have different reset procedures.

        NOTE: don’t forget to open the front toner door and leave it open.

  4. Penny Lane says:

    We bought our Brother MFC 9320CW at what we thought was a very cheap price and wondered why. It came with a spare cartridge. Wasn’t long and a cartridge ran out and another and then it didn’t work at all. We were in a quandary. It may not be worth fixing and would cost to find out. On the off chance that there was an easy solution I went on line and… saw your post. It was other comments that encouraged me to apply your knowledge. The rest is history. It’s working like a charm… and one of the cartridges is an elcheapo! Very grateful to you, your resourcefulness and easyink. Thank you, thank you. Penny (Australia)

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