Brother MFC 9440CN Reset TN155 Toner and Drum Messages

Try this for extending the life of your TN150 or TN155 toner cartridges when you get the Brother MFC 9440CN Toner Life End Message…

1. With the power on, open the toner access main door (you will get a “door open” message in the LCD).
2. Hit the “Clear/Back” button and you go to the “Toner Reset Menu”.
3. Using the up ^ Down > “Search” arrow buttons, you can then scroll through the reset options for each of the printer’s four toner cartridges.
Code: B. = black; C. = cyan; M. = magenta and Y. = yellow
4. For each for these cartridges is the option to reset for low yield = S for Small Yield or High Yield = H
5. Using the number keypad, select option #1 to reset each to the size you have installed.
6. Hit the “Clear/Back” button to get out of the menu, close the door and the toner life end message should have disappeared.

If the print quality is still OK and you want to keep using the printer you can reset the change drum message as follows:

1. Press Menu => Machine Info. => Reset Menu.
2. Press the Up or Down Arrow key to choose Drum.
3. Press OK.
4. Press 1 to reset the drum unit counter.
5. Press Stop/Exit

Note: This should get you printing again. If you have not replaced the drum your printing will drop in quality as the drum wears down. You’ll still need to replace the drum at some stage. REMEMBER to reset the counter when you replace the drum unit.

Other models that use the same consumables are: DCP-9040CN, HL-4040CN, HL-4050CDN, MFC-9450CDN, MFC-9840CDW, DCP9040CN, HL4040CN, HL4050CDN, MFC9450CDN, MFC9840CDW.

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