Brother TN443 Toner Reset HLL8260CDW HLL8360CDW MFCL8690CDW and MFCL8900CDW

Occasionally when a new toner is installed in the Brother HL-L8260CDW HL-L8360CDW MFC-L8690CDW and MFC-L8900CDW the reset switch isn’t triggered and the toner counter doesn’t get reset. The following is a manual reset for your printer that you can use to reset the counter.

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  1. Open the front cover of your Brother laser printer where you can access its toner cartridge.
  2. Press the [Back] key and [Stop] key at the same time, then press the [Back] key again within 2 seconds.
  3. Select the toner you need to reset ( For the compatibles supplied by Easyink use TNR-HC).

    K = Black
    C = Cyan
    M = Magenta
    Y = Yellow
  4. Select [Yes] to reset.
  5. Close the front cover. DONE.

    Please leave a comment if you find this guide useful or there is anything we can add to it to make it easier to follow.

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