HP Photosmart HP564XL Ink Problems

Solution 1: Clean The Printhead
To clean the printhead from the HP Photosmart Software:
1. Load unused plain white paper into the main input tray.
2. In the HP Solution Center, click Settings.
3. In the  Print Settings area, click Printer Toolbox.
NOTE: You can also open the Printer Toolbox from the Print Properties dialog box. In the  Print Properties dialog box, click the  Features tab, and then click  Printer Services. The Printer Toolbox appears.
4. Click the Device Services tab.
5. Click Clean the printhead.
6. Follow the prompts until you are satisfied with the quality of the output, and then click Done.
There are two stages of cleaning. Each stage lasts about two minutes, uses one sheet of paper, and uses an increasing amount of ink. After each stage, review the quality of the printed page. You should only initiate the next phase of cleaning if the print quality is poor.
If print quality still seems poor after you complete both stages of cleaning, try aligning the printer.

Solution 2

Remove all of the cartridges and turn the printer off for 5 minutes.

Turn the printer on (without putting the cartridges back in).

One by one put the cartridges back in, letting the printer run up after each cartridge install.


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