Brother TN240 HL3040CN Reset Toner Message

  1. Open the front cover that gives you access to the toners.
  2. Press and hold the “Secure Print” and “Cancel” buttons at the same time. You will see “K-TNR-STD” displayed on the screen (if not displayed, see Note 2 below).
  3. Using the “+” and “-” buttons select the toner you want to reset.
  4. Press the “Ok” button.
  5. It will display “Ok?”. If you hit the “Ok” button again it will reset the low toner message.
  6. Close the lid.

Note 1: for selecting the correct toner you should understand the cartridge code system Brother uses:

  • Black is K,  Magenta is M, Cyan is C and Yellow is Y
  • TNR = toner
  • STR = starter cartridge (the toner cartridges that came with your printer)
  • STD = standard toner
  • HY = high yield toner (some models)

Note 2: You may need to clear print jobs – they can hinder the printer from resetting. If you have any problems with resetting your printer, physically unplug the printer’s power cord for at least 10 seconds.

The following models use the same consumables, and you should be able to reset them as well:

DCP-9010CN, HL-3040CN, HL-3045CN, HL-3070CW, HL-3075CW,

DCP9010CN, HL3040CN, HL3045CN, HL3070CW, HL3075CW.

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15 thoughts on “Brother TN240 HL3040CN Reset Toner Message

  1. Don says:

    We took in our Cartridges to get refilled as the printer was stating they were empty.
    They were weighed and were only 50% used. I was told about your website – followed instructions – Still didn’t work – I couldn’t get CYAN, YELLOW, MAGENTA words to show – then spied that the “K-TNR-STD” changed.. eg: At the left hand edge of the Screen the “K” changed to C then to Y then to M as you pressed the up or down arrow. I set the OK to all of them..
    closed the lid and you could hear the printer grinding away – READY appeared and I was able to print.. Thank you easylink.. By the way Cartridge people said there is still about 500 pages of full colour left in the C,Y, M Cartridges

  2. Austin says:

    You’re a life-saver! Urgent print job, no toner suppliers close to us, panic … but your instructions worked fine and we’re printing again. Thanks!!! Will certainly buy a refill cartridge from EasyInk.

  3. Tony says:

    Hi, I’m thinking of buying a MFC9340CDW multifunction printer and the cheapest lazer printer HL3150CDN, which takes exactly the same consumables.
    Brother told me that if I did that, I couldn’t use the starter cartridges from the cheap printer in the multifunction printer. The printer detects when starter cartridges are inserted and will refuse to accept a second set of them.
    Question: will resetting the toner allow me to use the second set of starter cartridges?

    1. Easyink Support says:

      Hi Tony

      Yes it will – However the counter will not match the available toner in the starter cartridge.
      Reset for TN240BK = 2200 pages, the starter is more likely to have around 600 ish pages and will run out before the count is up (not a big deal so long as you understand that).

      All Brother starter cartridges are missing the reset gear and that’s why you cant run it in another printer that is already in toner out state.

      1. Tony says:

        Thanks for ya quick reply! Great to know.

        Just so I’m perfectly clear, you’re suggesting not to reset the counter back to a STR when I insert a replacement starter cartridge when the original’s eventually run out, so that the replacement starter keeps on going till it’s dry?

        Reason I’m doing all this, here in NZ, brother are having a promotion at the moment. Means I can pick up the HL3150CDN for ~$40 after rebate and it’s starter is rated for 1000 pages, so that’s 4c per page rather than closer to 30c if I brought all 4 high capacity toners. So I’ve brought that printer as well as the MFC9340CDW so I can use it’s toner (and hell, may as well use the other internal components as well!).
        I’ve heard of starter cartridges lasting for a crazy long time as well:

        1. Easyink Support says:

          yea I would run it dry (that’s just me). It is not uncommon to get a extra 10 or 20% after the cartridge life end.

          Congrats on working out the stupidity of some of the discounts and promos on offer
          NOTE: You also get a set of replacement FULL life drum units worth $192.24 +gst a Transfer belt $162.32 and a Waste toner Box $39.14 to go with you starter carts (Not bad value).

  4. Rod says:

    re above questions, if you reset and a cartridge runs out before its meant to… how do you know its run out if you get no warning. (thnx for blog on this regarding resetting. very helpful)

    1. Easyink Support says:

      It is quite easy to tell when it has run out.
      Put simply the pages will come out missing the empty colour.

      In reality the printing quality will degrade quite quickly as the toner nears completely empty.

  5. Rod says:

    thnx for reply. another quickie, i got some el cheapo toners, print quality is really bad. i am getting some new ones delivered, still compatible tho but from another supplier. i think i will just replace the lot and go again. do i need to do the reset procedure… or will the printer pick up the new cartridge immediately, even tho its a compatible?

    also my (Y)ellow is low. i reset it… but i there is a large yellow margin down left side of printed pages. seen before. this happens when toner is low. so thats one way to tell i guess. but is there a way to stop cartridge doing this or not. if too low, maybe cant be helped ?? cheers

    1. Easyink Support says:

      The printer should pick up the new toners fine (assuming a correctly fitted reset gear).

      As far as the yellow goes I would give the toner a light shake and see if that makes it better. If it is too low it obviously won’t work.

      1. Rod says:

        thnx. but shaking it wont make the margion go away. this maybe a new feature or not.. but as toner gets too low, a margin apprears on the paper to let you know what colour. not sure how it does it or how it gets its info to do it, b/c i have have reset Yellow, then the digital info should read FULL, so where the margin info is coming from is anyones guess. as it wasn’t doing this prior to me resetting it. hmmm.

        1. Easyink Support says:

          One thing to check is that the little corona cleaner is back in its home position properly. If they are not clipped home they can print a line or margin depending on the position of the cleaner.

          Note: The cleaner is the slider on top of the drum unit.

  6. GK says:

    Awesome! Replace Toner Magenta was an eyesore after replacing the cartridge with a re-filled toner and was unable to use the printer for nearly 4 months! Reset the toner hint worked like magic!!

  7. Captain Techie says:

    Thanks. This fix worked like a charm. Instructions were easy to follow and worked on the first go around. Would recommend this fix to everyone.
    Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!

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