Ptouch TZe printer not printing parts of the label

If you have a Brother P-Touch printer that takes TZe tape and you are having the print come out missing some parts of the text and not others this may be the article for you.

I had a customer ring with this fault and I requested that he send me a sample page.

When reviewing the sample tape it became clear that the issue only presents when the printer has to print a full line from the top to the bottom of the tape. After working out the printer was running on batteries the solution was easy. Replace the batteries. It would appear that the largely depleted batteries could power the printer and perform some printing but not print full height text (when the demand on the batteries would be at the highest).

This is likely to be an issue with the Brother PTouch PTH105 – PTH110 – PTE100VP – PTE300VP – PTE550WVP printers and any other TZe tape printers used with batteries.

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