Brother HL-L2380DW Toner Counter Reset – Continue Mode

Sometimes the toner counter doesn’t reset when you install a Brother TN2345 or TN2315 cartridge in your HLL2380DW printer.

Or you may need to print a few more pages urgently after your printer tells you it’s time to replace the toner.

You may wish to try the following procedure to put your printer into continue mode:

  1. Press – X
  2. Press – Settings
  3. Press – All Settings
  4. Press – General Setup
  5. Then scroll down to “Replace Toner”
  6. Press -Replace toner
  7. Select – Continue

You should now be able to use your new toner even though it didn’t reset by itself when you installed it. Or you can use the rest of your empty toner, but expect print quality to deteriorate as the toner runs out.

Please note the reset procedure for the multifunction printers that take the TN2345 or TN2315 differs from this one and can be found here: or the other HL printer can be found here

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